Conditions of use.

Conditions of use.

Latest modification: September 1, 2016


The owner of this website is the company LUDICO BUSINESS & ENTERTAINMENT SL. For more details about this company, see the information contained in the Legal Notice section of this website

These conditions of use apply solely to the LUDICO BUSINESS & ENTERTAINMENT SL. website hosted on domain, not to other websites accessible through links featured in the pages of this domain.

Access to our website.

We make this website available to our users free of charge and with no access restrictions. Using our website or contacting us does not constitute any kind of contract, nor any rights or guarantees as regards the uninterrupted or unlimited availability of our website.

We reserve the right to make changes or additions to our website, or to remove part or all of it, without prior notice.

Search options.

The purpose of our website is to offer an Internet meta search engine, i.e. to offer our users the means to perform a search using several search engines at the same time. Similarly, in addition to Internet searches, we also offer our users the option of searching for products and, more specifically, goods and services offered by online stores (and also private sellers) on German language website domains.

To use our meta search engine, all you need do is enter one or more search terms (e.g. the name of the product you are looking for) in the search box at the top of the screen and click on “Search”.

A list will then be displayed showing the results found by the search engine. Clicking on any of the results will redirect you to the Internet page which contains the result in question.

Details of goods and services.

Our website is not an online store, and therefore cannot be used for ordering goods or services. When you click on a search result which shows a product, our only action is to redirect you to the third-party website where the aforementioned product is found.

The details of goods and services shown on our pages therefore come from the suppliers of such goods and services, not from our company.

Therefore, we cannot take responsibility for the information given in search results, nor guarantee that it is exact, accurate or up-to-date.

Important information on the up-to-dateness of information shown: our members supply us descriptions of goods and information on prices and shipping costs for the goods shown, but this information is not subject to real-time checking, and therefore may have been amended since the time it was supplied to us. We cannot therefore guarantee that information given in results is up-to-date or accurate, since by the time we receive product descriptions, prices and shipping costs from members or online stores, it is possible that the price has increased or that information on prices, shipping costs or product descriptions is no longer correct or is incomplete. Changes to information on goods, prices and shipping costs can affect the ranking of goods or services in results pages, e.g. if products are ranked by price. Users themselves are therefore responsible for checking all relevant information, e.g. price, up-to-dateness, availability, shipping costs, delivery timescale, etc., on the websites of the members or online stores offering the products shown and, in the event of any information on the goods or services appearing on our results pages being found not to be current, correct or complete, please inform us so that we can update this information.

The prices shown on the results pages of our search engine include VAT but not shipping costs which, if shown, reflect the standard cost of national shipping in the country in question.


Our website pages include own and third-party content.

Therefore, in the event of third-party information included on our website and, specifically, information on goods and services displayed on results pages, being cause for complaint (e.g. due to infringement of intellectual and/or business property rights, or due to obstructing free trade), please inform us so that we may take the appropriate action.

To do so, you may send an email to Your complaint or report will be investigated immediately.

Own information included on our website is distinct from other information, such as external links to other information given by suppliers of services. The responsibility for such external information lies exclusively with the supplier of the services in question, who makes such information available to users as own information. Furthermore, information contained on third-party websites may be amended at any time without our being aware of such amendment.

In the event of being redirected to pages which are the subject of complaint or claim, please inform us so that we may take the appropriate action.

To do so, you may send an email to Your complaint or report will be investigated immediately.

Prohibition on using our website illicitly and, specifically, on manipulating our databases.

Users are not permitted to use our website illicitly, nor to manipulate its content, nor to access the content of our website using means other than those established by the interface or interfaces provided to users for this purpose. Users shall observe the guidelines established in website robots.txt. files, and are prohibited from accessing web page services in an automated manner, for example by means of robots or scripts.

It is prohibited by law to reproduce, copy or publicly disseminate all or part of a database which is considered crucial due to its nature or volume. The reproduction, copying or public dissemination of all or part of the database considered crucial due to its nature or volume is equivalent to the systematic reproduction, copying or public dissemination of all or part of the database considered crucial due to its nature or volume, insofar as such actions are not considered normal or harm the interests of the database creator. This prohibition does not affect exceptions imposed obligatorily by law.

Copyright and usage rights.

Both the website as a whole and the different components which comprise it are protected by law and, specifically, by German intellectual property law and by numerous international treaties in force worldwide. This protection includes selecting and making available its content, information, texts, news, tables, graphics, maps, graphic material and video sequences.

Insofar as we hold the copyright and usage rights to the content included on our website, we give our consent for users to print off content from our website for their private use, and to download or save such content, provided that it is exclusively for private use.

For other cases, the reproduction, processing and/or public dissemination of content protected by law requires prior consent from the copyright holder, unless permitted by law. We expressly object to any page or file from our website being linked by means of framing or inline links in such a way that it appears to form part of a third-party website.

All rights reserved.